Never Try Anything!

Yes, you read that right – never try anything!

No one wins an award for trying. No one wins by failing. And why would you want to fail? Why would you want to be classified a failure?

Awards are won by doing. Success comes from commitment and action.

When you try, you are not committing, you are not giving something your fullest attention and wholehearted effort. To try is to fail.

Consider these examples:

“I tried to call him (and failed)” versus “I called him until I got through”.

“I tried to eat with chopsticks (and failed)” versus “I ate with chopsticks, it was messy and slow, but it was an experience”.

“I tried to hit the ball (and failed)” versus “I went for the ball and missed it the first time, but got it later after practising some”.

Remove the verb “try” from your vocabulary completely and experience life differently. Stop hesitating. Stop sitting on the fence. Stop limiting yourself.

It will not happen overnight – it took me about a week to remove it and a couple of further weeks of vigilance for it – but it is totally possible and very liberating. How you do it is a very personal choice. I reminded myself that I was not a failure kind of person each time I caught myself using it. A friend created a “try jar” (like a swear jar) and put money in each time she used the word. When she hadn’t added money to it for a week, she used it for a meal out. It simply requires a bit of awareness and attention. Re-read your texts and emails before hitting send to check the word has not slipped in; ask a friend to catch you out with it; make it a game with your kids – whoever stops using it first for a week gets a prize; or ask for whatever kind of support you need.

Your life will change, I guarantee you.

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